Personal Thoughts

Shirly Chang

In my team, our work is mainly about collecting the data that we need and writing the research paper for our website. We also have an interview with the CEO of YouBike. The teamwork is a unique experience for me. This is the first time that I became a leader of a team. To be honest, our team was not so united in the beginning and everyone had their own thoughts, but I wasn’t a determined leader then, so we spent a lot of time choosing our topic and listening to everyone’s opinion. It was a horrible beginning, but it was really a big lesson for me. In this project, I learnt how to build a team and how to communicate with my teammates. Most of all, I know more about how YouBike start-up is a sharing economy business and how it runs the company. Through the interview with the CEO of YouBike, it had a tough time behind YouBike’s success. Thanks for this special experience, I hope I can participate in the International CyberFair next year again!

Pikiki Lee

From this project, I learned how to organize materials. In the process of preparing for the interview, I also gained a lot of experience, such as how to plan, how to formulate problems, and learned the importance of logical thinking and generalization. Also, I kind of had low productivity when I worked. The members of the group did not quarrel, but sometimes they were angry because of their disagreement with each other. Everyone had emotions; nevertheless, everyone still tried their best to complete the work. During this production process, we were more aware of what happened among us and found ways to compromise. “International CyberFair” has become a very important part of our learning process. In short, no matter whether we win an award or not, I’ve benefited from the project and interview. You know, money can’t buy experience.

Ansley Hsu

This kind of contest is my first time participating in it. Also, it is a new experience for me, and the project makes me understand more about YouBike, including the reason why YouBike was created. YouBike appears to solve a lot of problems like reducing Taiwan’s air pollution or more transportation options to reach the desired stop. YouBike helps us be more convenient in life. The report that impressed me the most is that we went to the company of YouBike and interviewed the CEO. In an interview, I learned many things from her. Running a YouBike is not as easy as I think, and we have to worry about many businesses. In the end, I really appreciate my teammates’ hard work and teachers’ assistance.

Andrew Lin

I participated in lots of activities during this project, including doing research on the topic about GIANT and YouBike. And I have learnt lots of useful skills like preparing the contest for the interview, going to the headquarters of YouBike to interview the CEO in person, and recording the process of the interview. This special experience and the making of the content for the competition are beyond description, and I also understood how to build websites. Before the actual interview, we have made lots of preparations. To begin, we first wrote the invitation letter to ask whether the CEO of YouBike would allow us to interview her. After that, we started working on thematic study, which really took us some time. It’s because we had to understand the concept of the YouBike, its future prospects, the challenges it has faced, and the current situation, and obviously it wasn’t easy to accomplish them all. To our surprise, we finished writing up the interview questions, and I experienced the efforts and hard toils in being a pioneer during the preparations for the interview. When we finally interviewed the CEO of YouBike, she shared lots of information with us. She answered all the questions that we prepared and even gave us a full understanding of this industry. Most importantly, she not only explained more about the situation right now and the prospects for the company in the future, but also elaborated how she overcame the challenges and could successfully run YouBike. All in all, she is the person I admire the most.

Sophie Lee

This is the first time I have produced a report on the Internet. In this report, we encountered the disruption of the epidemic, which completely disrupted our original plan. Because of this, I also learned a lot. For example, I learned how to write various reports and complete the same information from scratch. The topic this time is about YouBike and the sharing economy. Through the onsite visits, I understand that the sharing economy is not as simple as we thought. It requires a lot of conditions to be reached before this facility can be truly implemented. YouBike is a very successful model. We also visited YouBike CEO Ms. Liu Lizhu this time. During the interview, I know more about the reasons behind YouBike’s success and all the efforts she made. The Internet blog has really taught me a lot. I hope I can participate next time and work hard with my classmates and friends to complete this challenging project. 

Ricky Huang

Over the past half a year, this research made me understand how YouBike became one of the best public transportation systems in the world, including their procedure on bicycle borrowing, returning and repairing after a bicycle’s breakdown. I was amazed to learn the reason YouBike was created, which is to help reduce the air pollution in Taiwan caused by motorcycles and cars. I hope more people will take a YouBike as their vehicle, and I hope that one day, YouBikes can replace motorcycles and build a green city.

Amber Chang

I participated in the International CyberFair in elementary school, but at that  time, I only kept track of simple records and did interviews. But it was very interesting after the participation, because I could learn new things and go out for interviews. So this time, I am in middle school now and decided to participate in the International CyberFair again. This report for International CyberFair 2022 not only allowed me to learn to communicate and coordinate with my classmates, but also let me know about YouBike’s entrepreneurial background and the sweat and tears behind it. In addition, when sorting out the results of the questionnaire, I found that many people have different opinions on YouBike. Some are criticism, and others are encouraging words. After reading them, I understand the areas that YouBike needs to improve and how dependent people are on YouBike. And what YouBike does for citizens and how environmentally friendly YouBikes are really impressed me. In conclusion, after working on this project, I hope that YouBike can continue to develop its service to meet citizen needs.

Leonardo Lin

When I was arranging the interview records, I learned more about YouBike’s history, how their system worked, what difficulty they faced, and many others in this YouBike research. In Taiwan, Only 3% of companies can operate over ten years, and Youbike, or Giant, were one of the most successful companies among them. Even though they are now successful, they are still making their products better: a few years ago, they developed YouBike 2.0. Their ultimate goal was to resolve traffic problems for the government, and they achieved their goal.  Before I joined this project, I wasn’t very familiar with YouBike. Since my home is close to the school, I seldom go to school riding bicycles. After I became a member of a team, I became familiar with YouBike. I also noticed that there are many companies trying to improve their products to save the Earth, such as YouBike, and I appreciate that. YouBike, thank you very much. 

Aaron Hung

This is my first experience of writing a report like this. Every time I go outside by myself, I will ride a YouBike to go shopping. Although YouBike is very convenient, most citizens in Taiwan like to drive motorcycles. That causes a lot of pollution to Earth. YouBike provides a better way that won’t have air pollution, and I am very happy that Taiwan has YouBike. YouBike provides a better way to transport without air pollution. From this report, I learned about searching and learning things on the internet with my computer. I also learned many things about grammar, such as how to make a sentence with a lot of information in it and be correct. With the ability to search up information, I understand why YouBike’s business can be so successful, because they used the concept of sharing economy.

Sean Chen

As a student who lives in Taiwan, I think YouBike is really convenient, and after working on the report, I learned a lot about searching and getting information from videos. I also learned how to make all the sentences correct. I now knew how YouBike became so famous, and how they became successful with sharing economy, which is a totally new economy type to Taiwan. After finishing this project, I can understand more things about sharing economy, and i also know that it is very important, because most of the taiwanese likes to use motorcycles that make pollution, so actually YouBike make people have more choice to go to work by a better way for Taiwan.overall I am really glad that I can join this CyberFair project because this project make me know more about sharing economy and the history of the YouBike, and I am very admire the perseverance of the chairman hope that Youtube can be better and people can also know more about the sharing economy, so that we can make sure Taiwan can become better!